SBB Rehearsal Hall

There have been over 900 members of the band over the course of its history. There are currently 125 active members on roll out of a total of around 250 who have been members in the past ten years, with ages ranging from 12 to over 85. We have about 70 players on stage at a typical concert.

Several of the band’s active adult members and officers had played in high school or college and then had abandoned their instruments for a number of years before deciding to join the band. Some members went for periods of up to forty years without playing and found that they could re-acquire and even exceed their former skills in only several weeks of practice and review. In addition, current members of the band are always willing to help prospective members review and relearn their instruments, and ample opportunities exist in the area for excellent private instruction (we can advise you if you wish). Click here for some refresher books containing review materials for all instruments.

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