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Have questions, or interested in sponsoring a concert? Here is the contact information for our Board of Directors and other band members. Want to play with the band? (There’s no audition required!)

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Bob Moody, Music Director
home: (540) 885-3037
cell: (540) 294-9791
fax: (877) 753-4952

For new music suggestions, new member inquiries, web page issues and issues connected with the bandstand.

Eric Swortzel, Business Manager
cell: (540) 292-1113

For concert requests at outside venues, band property issues, band equipment issues, equipment transportation, parking, etc.

Hannah Bush, Treasurer
cell: (540) 292-1908

Nolan Walters, Endowment Manager
cell: (202) 527-2262

ASSISTANT DIRECTORS rehearse and conduct selections on some concerts, and direct the band in the absence of the Music Director.

Ray Hoaster
Home: (540) 886-2525
Cell: (540) 245-0495

Kevin Haynes
Cell: (540) 221-0331

Jamie Taylor
Home: (540) 337-4850
Cell: (540) 849-1706

Pete Echols
Cell: (540) 292-4314

Pam Mason
cell: (540) 820-9526


Contact an ensemble director/coordinator to arrange for that group to perform for your event (or contact the band business manager)

Christine Wood
Stonewall Flutes of the Shenandoah
cell: (540) 649-1768

Sharon Karst
Clarinet Ensemble– Mpingo 4
home:(540) 337-0270
cell: (540) 312-8394

Eric Swortzel
Mountain Saxhorn Band
cell: 540-292-1113


Ensemble rehearsal and performance schedules are set by each group. Each ensemble maintains its own music library and library rules. Ensembles are part of the overall band program, including budget, facilities, constitution, and bylaws.  Additional ensembles may be created if there is sufficient interest. Ensemble activity varies with availability of members.

Board of Directors of Stonewall Brigade Band, Inc.


Donald Dollins, President
home: (540) 337-3173
cell: (540) 649-0312

Christine Wood, Secretary
cell: (540) 649-1768

Eric Swortzel, Vice President and Business Manager
cell: (540) 292-1113

Facilities Manager
This position is currently open!
For more information,
contact the business manager

Ex Officio Staff
Board Members

Bob Moody, Music Director
home: (540) 885-3037
cell: (540) 294-9791
fax: (877) 753-4952

Cindy Hosaflook, Librarian
home: (540) 337-8027

Board Members
At Large

Don Davis
cell: (540) 292-4790

Sharon Karst
cell: (540) 312-8394

Pamela Mason
cell: (540) 820-9526

John Gibson 
cell: (919) 621-3111

Austin Wood
cell: (540) 471-0223

Sarah Kay Biser
cell: (540) 221-1566

Allen Archer
cell: (540) 292-3422

Kevin Haynes
cell: (540) 221-0331

Tanya Faidley
Home: (540) 337-1962
Cell: (540) 416-3512

Tucker Mason
cell: (540) 416-3977


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or to Bob Moody, music director at